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Export Markets

Equipped with three state of the art production units in J&K and Silvassa, we are manufacturing an impeccable range of aluminum packing products that reflects quality in every design. With consistent hard work and catching up every possible opportunity, we have successfully set up our foothold in international market covering many major countries. Some of the countries where we are constantly supplying our products are mentioned below:

  • Australia
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Thailand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Russia
  • Jordan
  • Bulgaria

Quality Policy

Maintaining quality at every single stage is one of the key focus areas in our business. Our employees consider quality as their personal responsibility. Hence, they develop the packaging tubes & containers, Aluminum Bottles as per the compliance with international quality norms. Our goal is to enhance the production processes continually as per latest development while balancing the quality parameters. In order to keep the high quality standards, we follow certain practices such as:

  • Understanding clients requirement and designing the products by following the given specifications
  • Maintain the production activities as per latest up-gradation in technology
  • Every employee focus on designing the products and their quality in synchronization.
  • We ensure the products must be made as per certified quality standards.
  • Due to our keen focus on quality, we have acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification and are developing the products that are conformed to DMF approval.
Company's Insight
  • Vision: Our vision is to maximize our profit by exceeding clients expectations. And to conduct the business activities ethically which further help us in becoming the best in industry.
  • Mission: Our mission is to become first choice of the customers when it comes to own aluminum packaging containers, Aluminum Bottles or tubes. While going towards our aim, we understand our social responsibility as well hence, we are making environment friendly products.
  • Innovation: We believe in implementing latest technologies and new approaches to develop better product range under reasonable cost and identifying new opportunities with this. Therefore, a separate team lead by our technical director research consistently on new development in every related sphere.
  • Sustainability: We feel environment sustainability is of prime importance therefore, we conduct all operations by making optimum use of resources. It lead us towards socially sustainable and economical methods that also satisfies our clients requirements.

Environment Policy

According to us, for maximizing business revenue, we have to properly manage the environment, health and safety (EHS) aspects. Thus, we are making the aluminum packing products like as Aluminum Bottles by ensuring that the production process would have least impact on the environment. Hence, the operations such as smelting, mining and refining are done by pursuing various Eco-friendly policies. Some of the factors that features our skills are:

  • We are equipped with an ISO 9001:2015 certified production unit
  • US-FDA DMF accredited plants for production of PET Bottles and Aluminum Collapsible Tubes
  • Good Manufacturing Practices are conducted to ensure perfection
  • Ethical business dealings are done which resembles professionalism

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ishan Industries follows its philosophy that, “one should work with commitment and show dedication towards the clients, employees, neighbors and the society to which we actually belong”. By following this, we have achieved such a high standing in the market and have earned trust of our clients. We seek to be a responsible citizen who work with total commitment and offer premium range to clients. This is a reason for our sustainable growth in the market.

We believe in paying equal respect to our business friends as well as our employees, due to which we are working with unity and getting amazing output. Our aim is to take the business at heights by following safe, sensitive and environmentally accepted practices. Therefore, to adhere this, the management has maintained some policies that are followed regularly by our employees:

  • The operations such as mining, refining and smelting are done by following an Eco-friendly approach.
  • The company provides full support to its employees in order to execute the project smoothly.
  • We value our employees efforts thus promote cordial relationships with them & their families.
  • We have adopted international methods to make a flawless range

Water Treatment- Purification & Recycling

Since Silvassa is a proper industrial area due to which teh drinking water has a TDS level of above 200. Therefore, to overcome the situation, we have installed technologically advanced water purifiers at all our production units. The purifiers are capable to reduce the TDS level of water below 15 which makes it pure and completely safe to consume. Moreover, we have implemented water treatment and recycling systems to recycle the drained water and eliminate the contaminated particles from it. This water is used for other cleansing applications.


We very well understand the significance of education which is must for every individual for getting a better life and also, for the growth of the nation. Therefore, the company sponsors education for the children of its employees. Along with this, in order to motivate kids for education, we provide scholarships and incentives to the students who perform better than average.

Care for Women Health

Women are the base of our society but they are facing various health issues with growing time. To help them in a certain manner, we offer full gynaecology check up each year to the women employees in our company.

Infrastructure & Facilities

We have maintained three up-to-date production units in different locations in the country. All these plants are equipped with quality analysis laboratory with latest equipments installed in it to test the raw material and finished products. All the production units are interconnected with supreme cloud network technology. With this the team are able to connect internally and discuss the ongoing process whenever required.

The unit is fully air conditioned having class 100000 packing conditions to assure products such as Aluminum Collapsible Tubes, Aluminum Bottles, PET Bottles, etc. are developed perfectly. The production facility is enabled with Germany and Japanese machines that help us to cater  to the customers requirement productively. Moreover, the production unit is divided into the following three parts:

  • Aluminum Collapsible Tubes: Four lines are implemented with two fully automatic machines and two individually automatic machines which monthly produces minimum Ten million Tubes guaranteed.
  • Aluminum Bottles: It is installed with two automatic machines that have minimum guaranteed monthly output of three million bottles.
  • PET Bottles: It has two fully automatic single stage Nessei machines that have minimum guaranteed monthly output of one million bottles.

Some other machines that are installed in different divisions of the unit are:



Bottle and Can Division

Can Cutting Machines, Threading Machines, Automatic Neck Forming Machines, Impact Extrusion Presses, Flanging Machines, Washing Plants With Drying Ovens, etc.

Collapsible Tubes Division

Automatic Tube Finishing Machines, Impact Extrusion Presses, Internal Lacquering Machines With Ovens, Annealing Ovens, Latex Machines, Coating and Printing Lines With Drying Ovens, etc.

Tool Room and Development Division

Cylindrical Grinding Machines, Lathe Machines, Welding Machines, etc.

Industries Served
  • Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical: We have made strong relationships with the most noteworthy pharmaceutical organizations across the world. In order to deliver the perfect range, we follow Good manufacturing Practices and adhere standards set by US-FDA. Several pharmaceutical industries use our products to pack lotions, ointments, syrups and other medicines. Furthermore, we are registered with many Indian, European and American FDA to export our products in the market.
  • Agro Chemical: We offer huge range of PET and aluminum packaging products to various agrochemical companies in India. Our products are used in this industry to fill fertilizers, pesticides due to their non-reactive property.
  • Food/Liquor/Tobacco: We are manufacturing high quality PET Bottles in different specification to pack India Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and Country Liquor due to its non-brittle property and light weight. Further, we design printed bottles that are used to fill alcohols and other dirnks with recyclable property and appealing look.
  • Perfume Essential Oil: We are designing Aerosol Cans, Aluminum bottles to pack perfumes, fragrant products and essential oils.
  • Other Industrial Products: Our products offer high resistance against grease, oil and are made up of aggressive active ingredients. Therefore, they find their use in filling lubricants, special grease and oil in adhesive & automobile industry.